Japan 2013: 大阪 & 京都

Extra from our Ueno day: posing with march koala. Nice high school boys offered to take picture of us yayy!

Okay so, after hanagumi senshuuraku and visiting Disney Land we headed to Osaka by night bus. We had accidentally booked a room from a love hotel! It was kinda far away from the station and hard to find, but it was the cheapest one and kinda near to Takarazuka. The staff were as confused as we were lol. Everytime our doorbell rang, porn started to play on tv ?? ??? ? There was also pantsu vending machine in the closet ? ? ? But the room was nice and BIG. What a funny experience.

Toyonaka was a really pretty place! I'd love to live there.

The next day we were real tourists and visited Kyoto with team S!

We didn't have too much time but we first went to Fushimi Inari Taisha and walked there a bit. Then to Gion in hopes to see a maiko. (and we even saw one!) Then we kind of got lost and walked the long way back to the station..

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