Again this year I spent my Christmas with family ♥ Though my baby sister wasn't with us this time, so it was kinda quiet and calm. I was a bit sad about it already, but then some Takarazuka news totally tried to ruin my day. 
In the end I had a good time with my mother and sister, but it felt like I wasn't thankful enough for my presents, I really loved them! I enjoyed the food once again and it was nice to have a bit different Christmas than usually.

Some of my favorites I got~ A simple shirt with studs and a really cool necklace! I always get Moomin mugs and I got the ones I had been watching and thinking that I shouldn't buy them because I need to save money. ;u; Also tea is always good! ♥


愛と革命の詩-アンドレア・シェニエ- / Mr. Swing! 千秋楽

Sunday was the main reason of our trip: Mr. Swing senshuuraku, which meant it'd be the last chance to see our beloved sienne, Harukaze Misato. We planned to go to see irimachi that day, but it had ended before we even got there, and we weren't even very late, maybe at a bit before 9 am?? Well, at least we had time to take tourist pictures at the theatre then. 

Happy but sad girl before the last show of one of her favorite siennes.

Ella's view vs. my view, Ella's is on the 16th row on the 2nd floor and mine in the middle of 16th row on the 1st floor. We had seen the show once before on Thursday, from the first row. But this time we had paid a fortune for the tickets instead of the normal price, and got this kind of seats.  I loved both the play and the revue, but this time I didn't cry nonstop like on the first time. Mostly I just tried to spot Masa and Miichan with opera glasses, whoops. But when the taidan speeches started I also started to cry. (also I was really surprised that I understood almost everything!) Miichan was too beautiful and the sound of all the sobbing fans filled the hall. Some siennes were crying and the rest looked like they were having hard time holding it. 
I'm not good at writing reviews so I'll just say that the show was awesome, and the taidan show was an unique experience. I don't regret spending all the money on that at all. やっぱり花組最高♡
I didn't see Miichan's taidan demachi, because it was a now-or-never chance to find Masa's unofficial fanclub. I found a few fans waiting for her and I was allowed to join them. In the end it was one of the best days of my life. 


Ueno Zoo

I'm writing about the trip in a really random order, depending on what I feel like writing. 

On the 16th we visited Ueno Zoo, because both of us LOVE elephants, but never had seen one.  

The zoo isn't very near the station, but Ueno is really beautiful park-like area in the middle of a huge city, so we were happy to take a walk in there. We really didn't know what way to go, but following lovey-dovey couples and families with small children led us to the entrance.

 We were standing and watching elephants a loooonng time. (surprise) When we came back at the exhibit just before leaving the zoo, one elephant was swinging its trunk like it'd be dancing. ♡ So cute!

 We also love parrots like crazy so here's a cute pic of a lovebird.

The scenery was just so awesome. The weather was especially good that day, it felt like a really warm spring day in Finland

Ella was a happy girl that day ♡


Ben Nye makeup base

This week we had Ben Nye selling their products at our school. I've used the products a couple of times (at school haha) and I've been thinking that they would be great for e.g. cosplay makeup! 

The products aren't the cheapest ones, but I think they're really worth the money. The coverage and variety of shades of foundations is great! Also it's really rich in pigment so you don't need to buy a new one for a while. Creme contours are still a new thing to me, but I wanted to try it out. And I'm glad I did! These are super easy to apply evenly! The shadow creme is also more grayish than reddish shade of brown so it looks more natural in my opinion. 

When I made the test makeup with these, I somehow ended up doing otokoyaku look once again. But I was really happy with the outcome this time!


Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland was magical. 

We visited Disneyland mainly because our night bus was leaving from there, but I also had dreamed about going there for many years, so why not to spend a few dozens to get in and another for all the merchandise. But the feeling inside the park was super, it was like being in a movie world for one day. We also took (only) one ride, since queuing took so much time. But I honestly think Space Mountain was really worth of 2 hours of waiting, so scary and so cool!