Ueno Zoo

I'm writing about the trip in a really random order, depending on what I feel like writing. 

On the 16th we visited Ueno Zoo, because both of us LOVE elephants, but never had seen one.  

The zoo isn't very near the station, but Ueno is really beautiful park-like area in the middle of a huge city, so we were happy to take a walk in there. We really didn't know what way to go, but following lovey-dovey couples and families with small children led us to the entrance.

 We were standing and watching elephants a loooonng time. (surprise) When we came back at the exhibit just before leaving the zoo, one elephant was swinging its trunk like it'd be dancing. ♡ So cute!

 We also love parrots like crazy so here's a cute pic of a lovebird.

The scenery was just so awesome. The weather was especially good that day, it felt like a really warm spring day in Finland

Ella was a happy girl that day ♡

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