First days in Japan

We've been surprisingly busy all the time here! Leaving the hotel at about 9 am and getting back late at night.

The flight was long and painful. I usually get motion sick easily, and even though I had medicine for that I felt nauseous almost all the 9 hours from Helsinki to Tokyo. Thank god I was able to eat everything and sleep a few hours. Otherwise the flight was really smooth and I think it helped a bit with my fear of flying!

After landing we wandered a bit around the airport and were really confused by the train system. In the end we found ourselves at Tokyo station and then happened to walk to Takarazuka theater to spend our money on Quatre Reves. After getting lost a few times we finally got to our hotel and went to sleep super early.

This is how it looks like around our hotel, いいね!

On 2nd day we got up early to go see irimachi at the theater, after that we went to Harajuku and Shibuya to do some shopping! We also met Momoko at Takeshita dori and she was a great guide there ♡

The next day we bounced around Akihabara, finding otaku stuff and admiring awesome city lights.

After Akihabara it was karaoke time! At first I was really shy to sing alone, but after a while it went fine! There were a bunch of Takarazuka songs and many others I had wanted to sing at karaoke! The little karaoke box was really comfy and the equipment was kinda easy to use after a while. We really need a karaoke culture like this in Finland...

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