Happy new year! (it's still January at least lol) 

Our new year party was slightly different this year, instead of partying at someone's place and eating candy and chips we went to Ruma. I've never had really fun at any bar, but I had never been in one with these guys and I wouldn't have thought it would be that fun in someplace so stuffed with people and music so loud. 

After one drink looking like this. I really liked my make up that day!

Seriously my life is so boring at the moment, it's so dark so my life is just going to school without makeup and after school I fall asleep on the floor and then I watch salkkarit and play nerd and try to sleep again. I am so looking forward to the spring! More light and warming weather, and a new trip to the wonderland to see my cross-dressing lady again! ☆

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