Visiting Keuruu for a change

Layout isn't ready yet but oh well, I feel like blogging now! So let's try to tolerate this whiteness some time. Also I don't feel like there is a need for introduction post, you'll get to know me little by little with this blog (if you don't know me already lol)

Last weekend I was seeing my family in Keuruu. I really miss them all the time nowadays ♥  On Saturday we went to some kind of old fashioned outdoor market, it felt really nostalgic to me after the time I've lived in the big city. 
Later we went to glow bowling with friends. After that we went to Vilma's and Essi's place to watch a really weird movie and to play two crazy rounds of Alias. It had been really long since I've spent time with these cuties. 

With my sister we had our traditional little autumn photoshoot, even though it was raining. Almost all of the pics turned out really blurred since the big clouds blocked so much daylight and it was pretty dark. 

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